Best Serve and Volley Players


Best Serve and Volley Players in Current Men’s Game

Everyone can agree on the fact that the serve and volley style of playing in tennis is becoming a lost art each passing day. The changes in modern equipment and the introduction of two-handed backhand are the main reasons behind the extinction of the serve and volley players. The return of serve which was once considered a defensive play became a weapon and made the act of following your serve to the net almost impossible. No can today can match the serve and volleying skills that were exhibited by legends such as Stefan Edberg, Billie Jean King, Jack Kramer, John McEnroe and Martina Navratilova. However, there still are a few players who try their best to play with the old serve and volley style.

Most of the players who use serve and volley style are nowhere near the list of top tennis players. The best net players are often more successful in doubles, where the volley plays quite a significant role. Given below are some of the top serve and volley players in current men’s game:

Michael Llodra
Michael is one of the last pure serve-and-volley player. He runs close to the net at every opportunity and makes the most of it by using his good-timed volleys.

Roger Federer
Roger Federer doesn’t volley as much as he used to a couple of years back. Even though he comes close to net less often, still he can dominate matches from the net which is quite rare in today’s players.

Radek Stepanek
Radek’s serve is not amazingly good, but his swiftness at net makes him a good serve and volley player.

Mardy Fish
Mardy Fish is one of the best American serve and volley players. What makes him great is the way he efficiently and quickly closes in following his serve to the net. His touch on drop volleys and on angled volleys is pretty impressive.

Leander Paes
Paes started his career in 1991 when net play was common among players. He has never won any singles tournament, but he has got 13 double titles, including 7 in men’s double and 6 in mixed doubles.

There are many other players who are striving hard to keep the art of serve and volleying alive. It should always remain a part of this game, as without it, the game gets slower and a bit more predictable.


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